Peter H. Gleick: Pretty Much Everything Donald Trump Said About Energy and Climate Was Wrong, Ignorant, or Gibberish

This week Trump rolled out a first look at how he views energy and environmental issues. Giving a rare pre-written and teleprompted speech in North Dakota, Trump addressed the faltering coal industry, the controversial Keystone XL pipeline, international energy markets and the oil trade. [Read more...]

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Janet Redman: Trump’s Climate Change Denial Is Already Complicating the Paris Climate Deal

Whether Trump wins in November or not, his "evolving" views on climate suggest that even as the effects of climate change are becoming increasingly evident, the American electorate is divided on how to make sense of the transition needed. [Read more...]

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Sparknews: Six Months Later, Do You Want to be the Good COP or the Bad COP?

What the Paris agreement represents is a long awaited collective commitment to achieve common goals. While this is significant, it is not enough.

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Chris Brown: Generation Wind – Building a Bridge to America’s Clean Energy Future

Sustainability is the next chapter in human progress, and the key is economic renewable energy technology. The paradigm shift towards sustainability is moving the energy industry from resource-constrained to technology-enabled, from destructive to creative. [Read more...]

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Atlas Obscura: For 4 Days, Portugal Ran on Renewable Energy Alone

For 107 hours, from May 7 to May 11, Portugal was the greenest country in the world.

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Angie Cordeiro: Live Small. Love Big.

I can no longer tolerate the nonsense of Industrial civilization and its death cult of capitalism at any cost even all life on Earth. This culture is insane. I want out before it's all over. [Read more...]

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Here’s More Proof That Saving The Climate Doesn’t Have To Kill Jobs

Looking for work? You might consider solar farming.
The renewable energy industry is growing rapidly, according to a report out Wednesday from the Int...

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Caroline Kende-Robb: Celebrating Africa’s Entrepreneurial Spirit

Africa's energy revolution, one of the biggest overlooked stories of our time, is poised to change the lives of millions of Africans.

Why has it been...

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Maj. Gen. (Ret.) Paul Eaton: Appreciating the Military for Combating Climate Change

As a former soldier, as well as a father and husband of other soldiers, there is much I appreciate about the military. But, perhaps one of the things I appreciate about it most, recently, is its commitment to leading the way on energy efficiency, and combatting climate change. [Read more...]

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Mary Ellen Harte: Climate Change This Week: Hot Spiral, Big Oil Cleaning, and More!

Today, the Earth got a little hotter, and a little more crowded.

Bizarre Biodiversity in the Boreal are wood frogs that freeze in winter, thaw in s... [Read more...]

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Brad Friedman and Desi Doyen: ‘Green News Report’ – May 24, 2016

The Green News Report is also available via...

IN TODAY'S RADIO REPORT: In wake of massive Fort McMurray wildfire, Canada's insurance industry ca...

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Ross Gelbspan: Taking Five to Think Big on Global Warming

Climate change is the biggest threat facing humanity. It requires all the countries of the world to work cooperatively to limit its progress and manag...

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