J. L. Morin: Oil Crashing in the Same Car?

Most media attribute oil price slumps to oversupply from US fracking, omitting the fact that governments are discussing whether oil companies will be allowed to extract all the fossil fuel they've already priced into their stocks. [Read more...]

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Belinda Waymouth: UN Climate Summit Approaches, as Evidence Against UNnatural Gas Rises

The U.S is hedging its bets with the lesser of fossil fuel evils -- natural gas -- as a way to avoid the calamity of climate change. But is this gas really the answer to run away carbon emissions, polar ice caps disappearing and extreme weather woes? [Read more...]

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Julie Fox Gorte: The Opportunity In The Difficulty

Climate change can bring out the best in us and help reinvigorate our economy. That's usually not the headline of a story about climate change, but it's a headline we can write if we want to. [Read more...]

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Michael Northrop: Forging A Climate Agreement May Have Just Gotten Easier

There is dramatic urgency and time is short. We know that world leaders are going to have to throw everything they can at this problem to successfully combat catastrophic global warming and climate change. [Read more...]

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Steven Cohen: Work and a Sustainable Future

Changes in energy infrastructure and in the global economy will continue to influence the nature of work. None of these changes ensure that people will receive a reasonable share of the wealth they produce. [Read more...]

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Sanjay Sanghoee: Clean Energy and the Path to U.S. Energy Independence

As tensions in the Middle East rise, and show every likelihood of continuing for a long time, the U.S. needs to step up its efforts to achieve energy independence and take advantage of every possible source of energy. [Read more...]

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Mary Ellen Harte: Climate Change This Week: Solar Jobs Rise, So Does Global Heat, and More!

Today, the Earth got a little hotter, and a little more crowded.

Daily Climate Change: Global Map of Unusual Temperatures, Sep 13, 2014

How unus... [Read more...]

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Aiko Stevenson: September 21: "To Change Everything, We Need Everyone"

In less than two weeks, thousands of people on six different continents will take to the streets to call on world leaders to prevent the catastrophic warming of our planet.

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Brad Friedman and Desi Doyen: ‘Green News Report’ – September 11, 2014

The Green News Report is also available via...

IN TODAY'S RADIO REPORT: Going the wrong way! Greenhouse gas emissions jump at fastest rate on r... [Read more...]

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Rachel Smolker: Cellulosic Ethanol: Firsts, Failures, Myths and Risks

Wires have been buzzing with news about the "first" commercial production of cellulosic biofuels, a project of POET and the Dutch State Mines (DSM) in Emmetsburg, Iowa that is to produce ethanol from corn stover. [Read more...]

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Brian F. Keane: Grocery Shopping for Renewable Energy

RenewableNow.biz continues to bring us "the business side of green".
And to that end, I continue to be fascinated by how so many real-world eve...

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Mary Ellen Harte: The Duh Moment: Switch to Clean Energy ASAP

What's the rush on renewable clean energy? It's connect-the-dots time!

Here's my graphic line of connecting dots:

1. Almost all scienti... [Read more...]

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