‘Tetris’ Owner Takes Hawaii Home And Ranch Off The Grid

HONOLULU (AP) — High above the bustling city of Honolulu, in a quiet, exclusive hillside neighborhood where some of the island's wealthiest resident...

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Eve Beck: Happiness Is Donating Clothes That Are Too BIG!

HI SP! (Special People)....

Well - First time I haven't written a blog for more than a month! It's been a very busy few months for me, as many of yo...

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XPRIZE: From Sea to Shining Sea, Sustainably

A new study by Mark Z. Jacobson, a professor of civil and environmental engineering at Stanford, and colleagues including U.C. Berkeley researcher Mark Delucchi, is the first to outline precisely how each of the 50 states can replace fossil fuel energy with clean and renewable energy within 35 years [Read more...]

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Barbara A. Finamore: How does China’s climate pledge stack up?

As mentioned in a post on Carbon Pulse, China's climate pledge will require the country to make very significant changes to its emissions trajectory -...

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Tim Lussier: EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Henk Rogers on Space Exploration, Elon Musk, and Saving the Human Race

Thank you Henk for tackling some major issues and helping our planet to be forever better. Let's work together.

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Tom Weis: America’s Zero Emissions Imperative

To be clear, we are not suggesting ending the use of fossil fuels tomorrow. Decarbonizing our industries, homes, transportation, power generation and food production will take time. But we must make this transition as quickly as humanly possible. [Read more...]

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Feike Sijbesma: Science Can Change the World

The challenges we face in the decades ahead are many (just think about inequality, or climate change or the fact that still around 800 million people go to bed hungry every day), there is every reason to be positive. Why? [Read more...]

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Vrinda Manglik: World Leaders Moving Away From Coal, Fossil Fuels

After decades of pollution, it is clear that the rich countries of the world, particularly the countries of the G7, must act to stop pollution from coal -- the biggest contributor to climate disruption. [Read more...]

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Skoll Foundation: How A Global Corporation Is Quietly Changing the World

by Fatima Crerar, Director of Projects, PUBLIC Inc.

Two billion people use Unilever products every day. Many would recognize the brands belonging t... [Read more...]

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US And Brazil Commit To Climate, Renewable Energy Goals

WASHINGTON -- President Barack Obama and Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff announced on Tuesday new joint efforts to confront climate change, committ...

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Mary Ellen Harte: Climate Change This Week: $1 Rooftop Solar for Nonprofits, the Ocean Carbon Punch, and More!

Today, the Earth got a little hotter, and a little more crowded.

Amazonian Wildlife: a treasure trove of biodiversity. Source mostly ajorbahman.blog...

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Lance Hosey: The Aesthetics of Environmental Equity

Coal kills, and alternative energy can help save lives. But only if ethics can overcome aesthetics.

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