Robert A. DeLeo: Let Us Lead: Remarks to the Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce

Each year a key focus of my talk here is the economy. Since I first spoke to you, we have moved Massachusetts out of a recession, into a position of strength. Unemployment is down from January 2009 and we recently added the most jobs since 2008. Massachusetts is on the move. [Read more...]

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Mary Ellen Harte: Climate Change This Week: US Kabooming, Solar Winning, and More!

Today, the Earth got a little hotter, and a litte more crowded.

@@ Climate Change, The Elevator Pitch: Climatologist Simon Donner

@@ How To Com... [Read more...]

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Senator Catherine Pugh: Our Clean Energy Moment Is Now

Not only should we seek to achieve energy equity for all consumers, we also need to support diversity and inclusion efforts, and ensure that this is a priority for today's emerging, clean energy sector. [Read more...]

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Steven Cohen: Energy Technology: Deploy What We Have vs. Build Something New

It strikes me that an argument for investment in energy research that originates from visionary American business leaders has a better chance of gaining political traction than an argument for a carbon tax. In today's know-nothing, do-nothing Congress, both could easily fail, but anything called a tax is surely dead on arrival. [Read more...]

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Jacob Peters: What the Keystone Pipeline Means to Millennials

Obama speaking our language doesn't necessarily mean iMessages full of emojis, though his recent experiment with a "selfie-stick" suggests that it may not be far behind; instead we are seeing an Executive that is acting on our issues. [Read more...]

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XPRIZE: From Green Glop to Black Gold

Algae is everywhere, it grows easily, and it's full of lipids that, when successfully extracted, have the perfect chemical makeup to be transformed into hydrocarbon fuel. The trick, as always, is to do the processing in a cost-effective and cost-efficient way, a goal that has been elusive so far. Enter Nevada-based Algae Systems. [Read more...]

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Jeff Biggers: Mountaintop Removal Ends March 16. Put Your Foot Down for Basic Health and Human Rights!

Fourteen months after poorly regulated coal-washing chemicals contaminated the Elk River in West Virginia, coal country residents and supporters are gearing up for an epic showdown on March 16 with the state's Department of Environmental Protection -- and the U.S. Congress -- over the mounting death toll and health crisis from mountaintop removal strip mining. [Read more...]

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Brad Mattson: Solyndra’s Fall was Great for Solar, Just Ask Henry Ford

Why is there so much investment and M&A activity in an industry plagued by bankruptcy? The answer is that solar energy is now on a growth path that will make it the energy story of the 21st century. How could bankruptcy lead to such fantastic growth? I say it all started with Solyndra. [Read more...]

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Heather Taylor-Miesle: First 50 Days: Nothing but the Big Polluter Agenda

Fifty days into the new Congress, McConnell has established himself as a champion of polluting industries. McConnell devoted much of this session to supporting the Keystone XL pipeline for dirty tar sands oil and trying to block the EPA from reducing climate change emissions. [Read more...]

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Nick Seneca Jankel: Battle for Our Future: Sustainability vs. Innovation

Strategy, marketing and innovation teams have one job: To grow the top line (revenues) and bottom line (profit) of the business. CSR teams, on the other hand, are usually in the business of reducing negative impacts, which can often reduce profit too. [Read more...]

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Manish Bapna: What Do Apple, Citi and Shell Have in Common?

It's too early to say we've hit a tipping point, but when big players from big tech to big oil all start to move, it certainly feels like perhaps the times are a changin'.

Read more: Apple, Citigroup, Shell Oil, Renewable Energy, Clean Energy, Climate Change, Energy, Green News

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Mary Ellen Harte: Climate Change This Week: Apple Goes Solar, Apocalyptic US Droughts Predicted, and More!

Today, the Earth got a little hotter, and a little more crowded.

@@ Deadpan Climate Humor At Its Best:
Philomena Cunk Moments of Wonder - Climate... [Read more...]

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