William Bradley: California’s Nation-Leading Minimum Wage Hike Is the Latest for Birthday Boy Jerry Brown

Governor Jerry Brown avoided his characteristic quipsmanship as he signed California's nation-leading minimum wage hike into law on Monday morning in ...

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William Bradley: In the Sanders-Clinton Battle, It’s the 1970s vs. the 1990s

Generally presented as some sort of out-of-the-blue challenge to the orthodoxy of our financialized politics, the Sanders vs. Clinton battle actually has deep roots in decades past. [Read more...]

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William Bradley: Jerry Brown and California Move To Halve Oil Use (As Foreshadowed in 2001)

California showed up big at last month's UN climate summit in Paris, presenting a model for how one of the world's biggest economies can shift rapidly...

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William Bradley: Global Climate Change Summit Ends With Agreement to Agree, Actual National Plans Falling Far Short, and Some California Coups

There's a sort of group-think that develops among people cooped up together over time, working on a tight deadline to achieve desperately needed progr...

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William Bradley: UN Climate Summit’s Scattered Approach Points Up Importance of California and Jerry Brown

There is some very good news and some very bad news about the current United Nations Climate Summit in Paris.

The good news is two-fold: First, that …

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William Bradley: Can the Democrats Lose California?

Last week's legislative defeat for a couple of key items in Governor Jerry Brown's climate and energy agenda suggests a question: Could the Democrats lose control in California? [Read more...]

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William Bradley: Jerry Brown, Arnold Schwarzenegger, or Gray Davis? Which Governor Spearheaded California’s Climate Change Program?

The Governor of California, with global efforts on climate change seemingly stalled and the concurrence of nations dangerously lacking, is talking up the role of subnational governments and California's pioneering programs, signing international agreements with some and appearing with concerned international leaders. [Read more...]

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William Bradley: Jerry Brown’s Climate Road Show Meets Up With the Pope in Rome

Governor Jerry Brown, pressing the California agenda on renewable energy and climate change, followed up his successful appearance earlier this month at the Climate Summit of the Americas in Toronto with what looks like an even more successful appearance at the Pope's summit. [Read more...]

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William Bradley: State of Play: Our Far-flung Crises

The velocity of events and the fragmentation of the media culture are such that it can be difficult to keep up with how we're doing in various national security crises around the world. Here's the latest state of play on some of the most pressing. [Read more...]

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William Bradley: Despite Water and Climate Controversies and Urgings for Tax Hikes and Tax Cuts, Jerry Brown Scores High in New Polling

The big drought has Californians worried. There are major controversies over Governor Jerry Brown's order to cut water consumption by 25 percent, not to mention some furious to-and-froing on climate change and demands for tax hikes and tax cuts. [Read more...]

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William Bradley: In Greenhouse California, The Hissing of Summer Lawns Fizzles While Races for Senator and Governor Quietly Take Shape

She could see the Valley barbecues
From her window sill
See the blue pools in the squinting sun
Hear the hissing of summer lawns

Joni Mitchell
"The H... [Read more...]

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William Bradley: Jerry Brown Perks Up On Presidential Politics 35 Years After One of His Best and Most Disastrous Speeches

Governor Jerry Brown made something of a stir last weekend with a crisp appearance on Meet the Press. After months of repeatedly saying he's not runni...

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