This Guy Raps About Climate Change, And Bill Nye Loves Him

Even the most political hip-hop songs don't typically delve into the intricacies of policy reform. Canadian rapper Baba Brinkman knows that. He raps a...

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One Way The Paris Climate Pact Is Already Having A Huge Effect

Big businesses’ message to lawmakers is clear: We’re doing our part to slash carbon emissions, now you do yours.
On Wednesday, two days before wo...

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Scientists Have Created A Fuel Cell That Runs On Urine — Yep, Urine

With planet Earth facing a barrage of environmental threats -- namely, fossil fuel depletion, pollution and climate change -- clean, renewable energy ...

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Warren Buffet Wants To Build The Nation’s Largest Wind Farm

Warren Buffett's MidAmerican Energy Company plans to invest $3.6 billion in what would become the nation's largest wind energy facility.
At 2,000 mega...

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How To Make Renewable Energy Cheaper

There's money out there for clean energy. And with the right kind of infrastructure spending, we can help shift it away from fossil fuels and toward r...

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Senate Dems Blame Koch Brothers For Killing Clean Energy Tax Credits

WASHINGTON -- Tax credits for clean energy sources won’t hitch a ride on legislation reauthorizing the Federal Aviation Administration in the Senate...

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India Wants To Increase The Supply Of Energy — By Saving It

The Narendra Modi government is trying to solve India’s electricity problem by pushing for more efficient appliances.
Just last year, Asia’s third...

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Clean Energy Is Growing Faster Than Ever Before

Add this to the list of reasons 2015 was a turning point in the fight against climate change.
Renewable energy capacity grew faster than ever before,...

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Nearly Half Our Power Could Come From Rooftop Solar Panels

Shout it from the rooftops -- America's rooftop solar capacity could be double what scientists previously thought.
If Americans slapped solar panels ...

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This Underwater Technology Harnesses Ocean Waves To Make Renewable Energy

Ocean waves just might be the new frontier of renewable energy.
Australia-based Carnegie Wave Energy Limited has created patented technology that conv...

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Clean Energy Is Worth Trillions, John Kerry Says

NEW YORK -- Clean energy is the biggest economic opportunity the world has ever seen, Secretary of State John Kerry said Tuesday.
Compared to the init...

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Why Would You Power A Clean Electric Car With Dirty Energy?

NEW YORK -- It's one thing to get people to care about the price of energy. It's quite another challenge to get them to care about the source of energ...

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