5 Green Myths You Probably Believe, Totally Busted

The current debate over the environment often reaches a fever pitch, which often can cloud the reality of what’s really going on. In partnership wit...

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Google Wants To Help More Homes Switch To Solar Energy

The big G has plans for clothes that connect to your phone and smart contact lenses that monitor glucose and blood sugar levels, as wel...

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California Ballot Measure Fails To Create Many Green Energy Jobs

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — Three years after California voters passed a ballot measure to raise taxes on corporations and generate clean energy ...

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Why Green Energy Execs Don’t Fear Falling Oil Prices

Investors are sweating over falling oil prices. Renewable energy executives, somewhat counterintuitively, are keeping their cool. 
West Texas In...

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Farmers Are Generating Renewable Energy And Making Money — Thanks To Cow Poop

Who knew cow manure could turn out to be so valuable? 
According to an Agence France-Presse story published this month, a family-run dairy farm ...

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Why We Should Start Thinking About Energy The Way We Think About Food

Just 50 years ago, the outlook on organic and sustainable eating was bleak. Shifts in policy and attempts at mass education lacked effectiveness. Mean...

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Jeb Bush Wants To Cut All Energy Subsidies

Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush said Wednesday that if elected in 2016, he would cut subsidies for both fossil fuels and renewable energy.

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WATCH: Four Energy Sources That May Turn Our Future Into A Sci-Fi Dream

You're already familiar with solar power, wind power, and even water power. But when it comes to the future of energy, those renewable power sourc...

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‘Tetris’ Owner Takes Hawaii Home And Ranch Off The Grid

HONOLULU (AP) — High above the bustling city of Honolulu, in a quiet, exclusive hillside neighborhood where some of the island's wealthiest resident...

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US And Brazil Commit To Climate, Renewable Energy Goals

WASHINGTON -- President Barack Obama and Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff announced on Tuesday new joint efforts to confront climate change, committ...

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Bill Gates To Invest Billions In Renewable Energy

The Supreme Court may have dealt a crushing blow this week to President Barack Obama's efforts to curb climate change, but all is not lost.


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What’s The Real Motive Behind Saudi Arabia’s Interest In Solar Power?

Saudi Arabia, a country synonymous with oil, is looking to invest in solar power, but The Atlantic's Jeffrey Ball is dubious of the motives behind tha...

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