Conservative Groups Battle Over Solar In Florida

WASHINGTON -- A Florida effort to expand access to solar power has become a face-off between two factions of the conservative movement.

The group C...

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Here’s Who’s Really Responsible For Daylight Saving Time

Feeling a little out of it today? You're not alone -- people all over the world are struggling to drag themselves out of the bed thanks to daylight sa...

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Apple To Power New Data Centers With Renewable Energy

Apple Inc said it would spend 1.7 billion euros ($1.9 billion) to build two data centers in Europe that would be entirely powered by renewable energy and create hundreds of jobs. [Read more...]

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Scott Walker’s Budget Includes $250,000 To Study ‘Wind Energy System-Related Health Issues’

The two-year, $68 billion budget proposal Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker unveiled Tuesday includes a request for $250,000 to study the health impacts of...

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New Effort Launched To Connect U.S. Businesses With Clean Energy

By Rory Carroll SAN FRANCISCO, Feb 2 (Reuters) - Companies struggling to meet their renewable energy goals can now get help from a ve...

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Solar Jobs Report Shows Huge Growth

WASHINGTON -– The solar industry reports job growth 20 times higher than the rest of the U.S. economy, according to a new analysis.

As of 2014, t...

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A Slew Of Green Energy Progress Could Be Made During Obama’s Visit To India

By Arshad Mohammed GANDHINAGAR, India, Jan 11 (Reuters) - There could be progress on U.S.-India civil nuclear cooperation, solar power...

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States Work To Meet New Renewable Energy Standards

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (AP) — More than five dozen giant turbines erected on a remote mesa in western New Mexico began churning out power for the state's...

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Green Climate Fund: Fossil Fuels Will Be Completely ‘Excluded’

By Megan Rowling LIMA, Dec 10 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - The Green Climate Fund will invest in energy projects that shift away fro...

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Michigan May Redefine Fuel From Burning Tires As Renewable Energy

A Michigan bill aims to classify fuel made by burning tires and hazardous industrial waste as renewable energy, but environmentalists say that's setti...

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NextEra To Acquire Hawaiian Electric For $2.6 Billion

JUNO BEACH, Fla. (AP) -- NextEra Energy Inc. said Wednesday it plans to buy Hawaiian Electric Industries Inc. to expand clean energy in Hawaii.


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Evangelicals Take A Stand For Clean Energy

WASHINGTON (RNS) Evangelicals are teaming up with environmentalists to support the Obama administration’s Clean Power Plan to substantially reduce c...

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