Here Comes The Next Huge Wave Of Solar Panels

The solar industry is booming. The millionth set of solar panels in the United States was installed sometime in the last two months, and industry lead...

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Ikea Has Bright Idea To Sell Solar Panels In UK Stores

The store that sells every home good under the sun now also sells solar panels.
The company announced on Monday that it will sell and install solar pa...

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‘GasLand’ Director Goes To Bat For Bernie Sanders

Oscar-nominated filmmaker Josh Fox recently praised Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), whose promised approach to dealing with climate change Fox calls the ...

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How An Ancient Technology Could Revolutionize Wind Energy

A bladeless wind energy convertor inspired by the sailing boats of Ancient Carthage is set to breeze past traditional turbines in terms of efficiency,...

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Plane Flies Across The Pacific Using Only Solar Power

A solar-powered plane has completed a three-day nonstop flight across the Pacific Ocean without a single drop of fuel, marking a major milestone for i...

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San Francisco Combats Rising Sea Levels With Solar Panels

San Francisco just took a step toward its ambitious goal of relying solely on renewable energy by 2020 with a law that makes it the first major U.S. c...

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Etsy Is Helping Its Sellers Get Solar Panels On Their Homes

Etsy has already offered flasks emblazoned with solar panels and canvas prints of photovoltaic equipment.
Now the artisanal goods marketplace is help...

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Tackling Climate Change Could Jump-Start The Economy

There's little doubt that curbing pollution and halting the relentless rise in global temperatures would improve the environment. Turns out, it could ...

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World’s Biggest Green Energy Company Files For Bankruptcy

(Reuters) - Solar energy company SunEdison Inc filed for creditor protection on Thursday, making it one of the largest bankruptcies by asset value in...

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This Guy Raps About Climate Change, And Bill Nye Loves Him

Even the most political hip-hop songs don't typically delve into the intricacies of policy reform. Canadian rapper Baba Brinkman knows that. He raps a...

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One Way The Paris Climate Pact Is Already Having A Huge Effect

Big businesses’ message to lawmakers is clear: We’re doing our part to slash carbon emissions, now you do yours.
On Wednesday, two days before wo...

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Scientists Have Created A Fuel Cell That Runs On Urine — Yep, Urine

With planet Earth facing a barrage of environmental threats -- namely, fossil fuel depletion, pollution and climate change -- clean, renewable energy ...

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