Big Utilities Want In On The Residential Solar Industry

Oct 22 (Reuters) - For years, the utilities responsible for providing electricity to the nation have treated residential solar systems as a threat. ...

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Biofuels Plant Converts Plant Waste To Ethanol

WICHITA, Kan. (AP) — A new biofuels plant in southwest Kansas represents the future of ethanol production in the United States, Energy Secretary Ern...

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Plentiful Natural Gas Won’t Stop Climate Change, Study Says

WASHINGTON (AP) — Cheap and plentiful natural gas isn't quite a bridge to a brighter energy future as claimed and won't slow global warming, a new s...

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Use These Gadgets To Save Water, Energy And Money

Saving energy and water can be difficult, but now there are plenty of gadgets on the market that aim to make the process easier for you. From smart li...

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London’s Famous Red Phone Booths Are Going Green

LONDON, Oct 1 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Some of London's famous red telephone boxes are going green, transformed into free, solar-powered mobil...

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How Wall Street Really Is Failing The Planet

On Monday, thousands of protesters marched through lower Manhattan to call attention to Wall Street's role in causing global climate change. They were...

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WATCH: Fox News Host Actually Said This About Fossil Fuel

Greg Gutfeld, one of the five legendary hosts of Fox News' "The Five", thinks the dangers of climate change are way overhyped.

On Tuesday night, he...

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New Method Could Help Produce Clean Hydrogen From Renewable Energy

Scientists at Scotland's University of Glasgow say they've found a new way to produce hydrogen from clean, renewable energy sources.

In a paper pub...

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America’s Coal-Fired Divide

When Oregon state officials last month denied a key permit to a huge proposed facility for exporting coal to Asia, they deepened a geographic divide t...

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Google Helps Convert Old Oil Field Into Solar Power Plant

NEW YORK (AP) — Google is helping to convert a one-time oil field into a solar power plant.
The Internet search company is providing ...

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Hillary Clinton Lambastes Climate Change Deniers

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton blasted climate change deniers in a Thursday speech at the National Clean Energy Summit in Las Vegas.


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Scientists Generate Renewable Propane From Common Gut Bacterium

LONDON (Reuters) - British and Finnish scientists have found a way of generating renewable propane using a bacterium widely found in the human intest...

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