Solazyme: Return On Dream (and ROI Next Year)

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Signature AkzoNobel deal expansion highlights Solazyme’s Q2 results. [Read more...]

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Dr. Andrew Steer: The Plain Bad Economics of Today’s Energy Prices

Remember not so long ago when the IMF was treated with deep suspicion by the environmental community? Times are changing.

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Brian Holton Henderson: Xcel Energy: Swiftboating for Solar

Like many other corporations looking to make hay out of the environmental movement, Xcel has been greenwashing with gusto. The new image comes replete with chirpy narration, crisp graphics and opaque accolades. [Read more...]

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Geothermal Visual: Comparing the Geothermal Permitting Process to Other Technologies

The visual below, prepared by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), shows the average length of time for the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) review process for geothermal projects as compared to the timelines for average solar and wind development, as well as for oil and gas. The longer lead time for geothermal projects is something that re

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Aimee Christensen: Is Green Investing Dead?

Human wellbeing depends upon earth's natural systems for our food, fuel, clean freshwater, protection from storms, shelter, and yet our current economic system does not effectively value nature -- either at all, or certainly at the level it is due. [Read more...]

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Combined Heat and Brewing Power

What do megajoules have to do with hectoliters? Everything, if you are considering the energy intensity of manufacturing beer. And after a recent tour of the New Belgium Brewing Company in Fort Collins, I’ve learned that when it comes to a commitment to renewable energy and energy efficiency in beer brewing, Colorado’s thriving craft brewing scene is a great example.

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Frances Beinecke: From the Heart: Americans Speak Out for EPA’s Work to Safeguard Health and Curb Climate Change

In four key cities this week, the Environmental Protection Agency held successful public hearings on its proposal to curb climate change pollution. Hu...

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Justin Guay: Four Things The U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit Can Do For Beyond the Grid Solar

All eyes will be on the U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit in Washington next week with one question in mind -- will those gathered take steps to move investm...

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REAP Funding Update–Part I

Date: 7/31/2014

Source: Micheal Clements, National Association of Farm Broadcasters

Audio with Ron Omann, U.S. Department of Agriculture Rural Development Energy Coordinator (MP3 2.3 MB). Download Windows Media Player. Time: 00:02:33. [Read more...]

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EU, LDK & Suntech Undermine Solar Recovery

Doug Young 

The war of words against Chinese solar panel makers is heating up from both sides of the Atlantic, with growing signs that Europe may reconsider anti-dumping duties as the US moves closer to imposing its own new duties on the beleaguered manufacturers. Meantime, 2 of the biggest Chinese victims of the sector’s recent turmoil have risen from the ashes, with LDK (OTC:LDKSY) and Suntech (OTC:STPFQ) both announcing new moves more than a year after each became insolvent. Among those 2 moves, LDK’s looks the most worrisome, potentially bringing major new volumes of polysilicon, the main ingredient in solar panel production, back into a market whose current recovery is still quite weak. [Read more...]

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