Mary Ellen Harte: Climate Change This Week: Methane Blob, Renewables And Global Heat Rise, and More!

Today, the Earth got a little hotter, and a little more crowded.

@@ Funny or Die: Climate Change Denial Disorder - absolutely hilarious. Enjoy, a... [Read more...]

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Investing in German Wind Power

By Jeff Siegel

When it comes to understanding the EU, I'm not the brightest star in the sky.

And to be honest, after stumbling down a rabbit hole of proposals, directorates, and laws on the European Commission's website, I was even worse shape than before I started. [Read more...]

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Experts Agree: We Can Preserve Electric Reliability While Protecting Public Health Under the Clean Power Plan

Last June, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) proposed the first ever national carbon pollution standards for existing power plants. Fossil fuel-fired power plants account for almost 40% of U.S. carbon dioxide emissions, making them the largest source of greenhouse gas emissions in the nation and one of the single largest categories of greenhouse gas sources in the world.

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Chemists’ Feat Hailed As Major Breakthrough

In what's being called a win-win for the environment and the production of renewable energy, researchers at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and ...

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Donate Trees to Communities in Need on Earth Day

In celebration of Earth Day on April 22nd, Great Eastern Energy (GEE), is collaborating with Trees for the Future for a 30 Days of Green Campaign to raise awareness about sustainable practices and to assist with their efforts in planting new trees in impoverished communities. As part of this campaign, GEE will post a new green tip on its Facebook p

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Lorena Aguilar: Energy Equality on Earth Day

This year, the 45th anniversary of Earth Day, I would like to pause and look specifically at the relationship between equality, energy and the environment.

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Earthjustice: On Franzen’s Theory and Uniting Our Climate Things

I stand by this critique of what Franzen's essay gets wrong, but I didn't credit what it implicitly gets right ⎯- that is, the climate fight is disconnected from what we individually cherish. My heart, too, rebels at the idea that tons of carbon avoided trump everything else. [Read more...]

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9 Easy Earth Day Tips You Won’t Find Anywhere Else

You don't have to buy a hybrid car or install solar panels to make changes that have a significant environmental benefit, save money, and are easy to do. Here's a list of 9 Earth Day tips you probably won't find anywhere else. Altogether they could put several hundred dollars back in your pocket due to lower utility bills while preventing around a

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Mary Anne Hitt: Spartans Move Beyond Coal

Michigan State University announced that it will retire the largest on-campus coal plant in the U.S. by 2016 -- making it the 188th coal plant announced for retirement since the Beyond Coal campaign started in 2010. [Read more...]

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Australia’s Biggest Power Producer Sees Future without Coal

Australia’s largest electricity producer committed to close its coal-fired power plants within 35 years as part of an effort to cut the nation’s dependence on the fossil fuel.

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