Wild River Review: The PennEast Pipeline Made Me Do It: Why My Family and I Moved to Solar Energy

Solar Panels, Old and New, Starview Hill Farm, Blairstown, New Jersey

"There is one forecast of which you can already be sure: someday renewable ener...

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Global Stock Directories; Additions in #Technology, #Defense ($SNA.V; OTC: $SNAVF) and #Cleantech – Including #Water Company (TSX: $WSP.TO) and #RenewableEnergy Company (TSX: $EGT.V; OTC: $EGTYF)

Global Stock Directories; Additions in #Technology, #Defense ($SNA.V; OTC: $SNAVF) and #Cleantech – Including #Water Company (TSX: $WSP.TO) and #RenewableEnergy Company (TSX: $EGT.V; OTC: $EGTYF) [Read more...]

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How Canada Went Geothermal, and How the US Will, Too

Ontario is going geothermal. The U.S. is shortly behind, and here’s why: Geothermal heat pumps provide the only reasonable solution to heating without combustion. Ontario’s Climate Change Action Plan identifies geothermal 10 times as the go-to heating (and cooling) technology to reach its carbon reduction goals.

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Natural Gas: Bridge or Barrier to a Clean Energy Future?

Much has been made of the use of natural gas as a bridge to a clean renewable energy economy. The primary argument in support of natural gas is the fact that it is cleaner than coal and can be conveniently and cost-effectively substituted for it in power generation. Although on its face true, the claim should be considered in a real-world context.

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Rich Nadworny: Women Innovating Africa: Meet Faith Chege

One of the best parts, for me, of being involved with the YALI program is that I get to stay connected with the young African entrepreneurs I teach. I have to admit, that many of the women in my class impress the hell out of me with their creativity, collaboration and intent to make positive change in the world. [Read more...]

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Brad Friedman and Desi Doyen: ‘Green News Report’ — June 23, 2016

The Green News Report is also available via...

IN TODAY'S RADIO REPORT: Lights out for the last nuclear power plant in California; Federal judge ...

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Tim Profeta: The Climate Post: Coral Reef Bleaching Event Forecast to Worsen; NASA Studies Cause in Pacific

Coral in every major reef region across the world has already experienced bleaching, and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) fo...

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Tesla Considering Shanghai For New China Plant

Doug Young 

Bottom line: Tesla will announce a joint venture production facility in Shanghai within the next 1-2 months, and could see its China sales pick up sharply after its more affordable Model 3 reaches the market next year. [Read more...]

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More African Countries Embrace Geothermal Power, Receive $37M in Funding

The tiny East African countries of Rwanda, Djibouti and the Union of Comoros have joined the African league of geothermal power producers, in a field still dominated by Kenya after applying and getting funding to commence surface studies and drilling operations from the US$ 115 Geothermal Risk Mitigation Facility fund, which is administered by the African Union.

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Seyi Fabode: The Future Utility Is Here…

At a recent conference a utility CEO suggested that (like Mark Twain) 'the reports of my company's death are exaggerated'. Most people in the audience...

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