Peter Dickinson: Realizing Our Sustainable Energy Future: Making The Participatory Grid A Reality

It's crucial that we start preparing our grid now for what lies ahead, while also fixing some of today's biggest issues. Finding a truly sustainable solution means looking beyond just one potential "magic bullet" answer to considering the energy landscape from a bird's eye view. [Read more...]

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Mary Ellen Harte: Climate Change This Week: Forget Flaring, Solar Light Bulbs, and More!

Today, the Earth got a little hotter, and a little more crowded.

Imagine This Looking Like Arizona: a new study suggests climate change could drama... [Read more...]

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Mary Anne Hitt: First U.S. Offshore Wind Project Breaks Ground

Block Island calls itself the "Last Great Place," but this small island 12 miles off the coast of Rhode Island is first in the hearts of environmentalists and clean energy advocates across the nation today. Big things are happening just off the shore of that little island. [Read more...]

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Rachel Penner: Taking a New Look at Hydropower

The U.S. has been one of the major culprits in environmental degradation, and adopting these new technologies is a win-win for current and future generations.

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Green Bond Market Heats Up After Slow Start To 2015

$7.2 billion of green bonds issued.  Market shows signs of maturity, including more currencies, and non-investment grade bonds.  Emerging market green bonds are ramping up, while green munis are booming.
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Aiko Stevenson: Stepping Up the Ante Pre-Paris 2015

Modeled on the same campaign used to blacklist supporters of apartheid South Africa, the fossil fuel divestment movement has gained serious global traction over the past 12 months. [Read more...]

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The Circle of Life

How recycling printer cartridges plays a part in the circular economy.

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F. Kaid Benfield: Household Solar Is Becoming the New Normal – and That Makes Some Utilities Uncomfortable

A couple of weeks ago, my wife Sharon and I were out for a long neighborhood walk. This is not unusual for us, but on this particular day we took a ...

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Carl Safina: Deepwater Horizon: Why We Should Not Open New Areas to Drilling

How do we know we don't really need this oil? Because the oil companies are lobbying like hell to be allowed to export it. In their unpatriotic multinational way, they are willing to risk America the beautiful and our health for more zeroes on their ledgers. What alternatives do we have? [Read more...]

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XPRIZE: Flower Power: Electricity From Plants

It may sound like an idea dreamed up at Woodstock with the help of some mind-altering substances, but researchers are finding ways to tap into the power of photosynthesis to generate at least small amounts of electricity. [Read more...]

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