Mobile Hybrid Technology to Bring Cheaper Power to Billions

According to statistics, roughly 20 percent of the world population — some 1.3 billion people — exist without access to an electrical grid. The vast majority live in developing nations and rely on diesel generators to provide primary power. This is a costly proposition, considering the lengthy supply chain involved in getting the necessary fuel. The recent announcement of a partnership between Ideal Power and EnerDel hopes to make life both easier and more affordable for that billion-plus population.

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NYC’s Clean Energy Programs Take Center Stage

As Climate Week 2014 quickly approaches, all eyes are on New York City (NYC), the host of this year’s events. And given the recent release of New York’s progressive draft State Energy Plan, “Reforming the Energy Vision” (REV), it is perhaps the most appropriate place to hold such discussions about how to create and implement low-carbon solutions. T

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Bruce Usher: The U.S. as a Climate Change Leader?

Negotiating from a position of strength -- economic and environmental -- provides a unique opportunity for the U.S. to use the evidence of our domestic success to drive other countries to address the global challenge of climate change. [Read more...]

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Peter Bosshard: No Need to Sacrifice the Planet’s Arteries to Save Her Lungs

The People's Climate March will hopefully set some official pants on fire and speed up the capitalization of the new fund. At the same time, we need to be vigilant that the powers that be don't abuse the GCF as honey pots from which they can fund business-as-usual or outright destructive projects. [Read more...]

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Microinverter and Power Optimizer Market Set to Boom

There’s a new billion-dollar solar tech market on the horizon. According to IHS Technology, 2018 will be a landmark year for the global solar microinverter and power optimizer market — breaking past the $1 billion barrier and ushering in an era of increased power output for PV installations the world over.

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Michael Shank: Fossil Fuel Divestment Makes UN Climate Summit a Success

With 2013 breaking historical records regarding greenhouse gas emissions, we have little time to act. Investors get it. It's risky business to continue to invest in fossil fuels. Now it's time for policymakers, prime ministers and presidents to get it as well. [Read more...]

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Carl Pope: To Change Everything… Sandy Ground Zero, NYC

While the entire story didn't make it onto the front page, it was laid out intentionally and clearly for the 300,000 participants -- making this rally far more of an educational and explanatory exercise than any protest march I've previously witnessed. [Read more...]

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US-China Rifts Put Aside for Clean Energy Research

The threat of climate change is driving China and the U.S. — frequent rivals and the world’s two largest greenhouse-gas emitters — to collaborate on dozens of potential clean-energy breakthroughs.

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5 Clean Energy Yieldcos Flying Under The Radar

by Tom Konrad CFA

The launch last year of NRG Energy's YieldCo, NRG Yield (NYSE:NYLD), and the subsequent near-doubling of its price, set off a feeding frenzy on Wall Street.  [Read more...]

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Abengoa Offers Its First Green Bond to Raise 500 Million Euros for Clean Energy Projects

Abengoa SA, a Spanish energy and environment company, plans to issue its first green bond to raise 500 million euros ($642 million) to finance projects.

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