Looking for Cash in Old Refrigerators

by Debra Fiakas CFA

Appliance Recycling Centers of America (ARCI:  NYSE) is a typical small company, toiling away in seeming obscurity and struggling to get proper valuation of their success.  There is little glamour in old refrigerators and washing machines, but ARCA has figured out how to wring cash from recycling our household appliances.  In the last three fiscal years the company converted 1.6% of sales to operating cash flow. [Read more...]

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‘Appy’ Christmas gift from Planet Ark

When Australians settle down for a post-feast nap this Christmas, there will be one traditional sound missing - the argument over what goes in the recycling. Planet Ark has teamed up with RecycleSmart to release a new, free smart phone app designed to answer all those tricky waste and recycling questions; it's a Christmas gift to use year-round.

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XPRIZE: Tapping the Power of an Explosive Lake

It's strange that big and beautiful Lake Kivu, which sits on the border of Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo, is largely unknown outside of Africa -- because it's a very special lake indeed. [Read more...]

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Kevin Rudd: How Faith Calls on Us to Fight Climate Change

MELBOURNE, Australia -- Unless there is at least one institution, such as the church, dedicated to posing the ethical dilemmas present in the public policy debate, there is a grave danger that these debates automatically become subsumed by the pragmatic considerations of politics. [Read more...]

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Seyi Fabode: Youtility: The Era of Personal Power

We are about to enter the era of the Youtility, the era of Personal Power where we have little to no reliance on the current utility for generation, transmission or supply of the energy we use to power our homes. [Read more...]

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Charles B. Strozier: The Curious Politics of Global Warming and Nuclear Power

Democratic and Republican presidential contenders have failed to clarify their own ideas about the future of nuclear power within our energy mix, and the time is ripe for a meaningful public conversation. [Read more...]

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Dr. Judith Rodin: The Next Frontier of Climate Change Resilience

In this increasingly interconnected world, only real and lasting resilience -- achieved by way of innovative, systems-deep approaches -- will allow us to solve for multiple problems at once, both now and on into the future. Here are seven potentially game-changing trends we believe will be the next frontier of climate resilience [Read more...]

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Bob Keefe: Big Business Should Lead the Way on Climate Change Solutions

Smart business leaders know what's good for the environment can also be good for the economy.
No place is that more evident right now than at the UN Conference on Climate Change in Paris, where business is taking center stage as global leaders focus on fixing our ailing planet. [Read more...]

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Charles Ferguson: It Really Is Time to Choose

The battle to stop climate change is entirely winnable. Only a very small number of people stand in the way. But they are very wealthy, powerful, corrupt people, and the hour is growing late. Do we let them win? It's #TimeToChoose. [Read more...]

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Steven Cohen: Growing the Global Economy Without Destroying the Planet

Despite the growth of global communications, culture and corporations, national sovereignty and indeed the drive for community-based governance, remain as strong as ever. How can we create an international regulatory regime in the face of these strong national and local forces? [Read more...]

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