Solar Bonds For Small Investors

By Beate Sonerud

SolarCity (NASD:SCTY) is issuing US$200m of asset-linked retail bonds, with maturities ranging from 1-7 years and interest rates from 2-4%. Wells Fargo is the banking partner. While the bonds are registered,SolarCity expects the bonds to be buy and hold, and not traded in the secondary markets. [Read more...]

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Biofuels Plant Converts Plant Waste To Ethanol

WICHITA, Kan. (AP) — A new biofuels plant in southwest Kansas represents the future of ethanol production in the United States, Energy Secretary Ern...

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Fuel Cell Follies: Off-Roading

by Debra Fiakas CFA

Consumer adoption of hydrogen-fueled vehicles could have quite a catalytic impact on the entire fuel cell industry.  Two of the public fuel cell technology companies come to mind first:  Plug Power, Inc. (PLUG:  Nasdaq), FuelCell Energy, Inc. (FCEL:  Nasdaq) and Ballard Power Systems, Inc. (BLDP:  Nasdaq).  These companies have been toiling away for years on fuel cell technologies, finding success on the periphery with industrial, campus and power generation solutions.  All three companies trade at modest prices and could look like great bargains for investors with an extended investment horizon. 
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Seth Shulman: On Green Energy, Ohio Ignores the Evidence

The Ohio state senate packed known opponents of renewable energy onto the review panel mandated to determine whether to make the current freeze permanent. The latest move makes a bad situation worse -- reducing the chance that Ohioans will get the fair evidence-based hearing they deserve about their energy future. [Read more...]

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William Bradley: Jerry Brown Cruises (and Makes an Adjustment) As Kashkari Flails Strangely

With just under three weeks left till the November 4th election, Jerry Brown is driving toward a big win in his quest for a record fourth term as governor of California.

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Peter Getty: The Sun Shines Brightly on Solar Energy

There is no such thing as power to spare in our world today, yet overconsumption continues, despite warnings and encouragement to cut down on electricity usage.

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Germany’s Clean Electricity Costs Decline for First Time

German electricity consumers will for the first time see a drop in the fee added to their bills to fund renewables, a boost for Chancellor Angela Merkel, who has pledged to curb the cost for voters.

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Hometalk: 8 Homes That Prove You Can Downsize Your Space Without Downsizing Your Style

While a big reno might not be in most people's budgets, small home dwellers can easily turn their tiny havens into the house of their dreams. Want proof? Check these darling dream houses out! [Read more...]

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Beijing Calls Taxis For Stalled Chinese EV Firms

Doug Young

Beijing is turning to an old trick in its bid to boost new energy vehicles, with word of a major new program requiring local governments to buy huge volumes of electric taxis and buses to jump-start the struggling sector. I have to slightly commend China’s government leaders for their determination to boost clean energy vehicles with this kind of program that’s likely to produce a major jump in new sales. But at the same time this kind of program also looks quite ominous, as it will result in a flood of immature technology coming onto China’s roads as local governments rush to meet centrally-set quotas without regard for the commercial viability of what they’re buying. That could result in huge wasted government spending that could ultimately hinder the sector’s development due to lack of pressure to innovate. [Read more...]

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Plentiful Natural Gas Won’t Stop Climate Change, Study Says

WASHINGTON (AP) — Cheap and plentiful natural gas isn't quite a bridge to a brighter energy future as claimed and won't slow global warming, a new s...

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