Steven Chu: Time to Learn, Time to Choose, Time to Act

Unlike the situation the world faced in 2009, the tools to combat climate change are now affordable, well established and are being deployed around the globe at a pace never before seen. [Read more...]

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Michael Pollan: It’s #TimeToChoose Climate-Friendly Food

If we are serious about changing the climate, we need to get serious about changing agriculture.

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Abengoa Seeks Insolvency Protection

Jim Lane

In New York, NASDAQ shares in Abengoa SA (ABGB) plunged 49% in Wednesday trading after the embattled renewable energy developer said it would seek bankruptcy protection as it seeks to reorganize nearly $9.4 billion in debt. The protective filing was announced after an expected infusion of nearly $300 million from Spanish steelmaker Gonvarri did not materialize. [Read more...]

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$50,000 Rebate Open for NSW Businesses to Increase Recycling

The NSW Government marked National Recycling Week by doubling a recycling rebate for small and medium sized enterprises to purchase small-scale recycling equipment.

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Vrinda Manglik: Public Support for Energy Access Should Be Clean

Among coal companies, Peabody Coal has been particularly vocal in trying to convince the public that there's a place for coal in decreasing energy poverty. But coal is the wrong tool for the job for several key reasons. [Read more...]

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Four Corners Wind Resource Center Webinar: Wind Energy, A Good Citizen of the Electric Grid

Date: 12/14/2015

Source: Four Corners Wind Resource Center

3 p.m. ET
This Four Corners Wind Resource Center webinar will examine how wind energy from the Four Corners region is a growing, increasingly important source of electricity in the Western energy market that helps keep electric costs low. Speakers Mark Ahlstrom, NextEra Energy Resources vice president of renewable energy policy, and Jim Caldwell, lead project manager for the California 2030 Low Carbon Grid Study, will explore a high-wind future and how wind energy can provide services necessary to maintain a reliable electric grid. Best practices that allow for cost-effective integration of ever-increasing amounts of wind energy will also be reviewed. Register for the webinar.

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JOIN for Cyber Monday

JOIN for Cyber Monday [Read more...]

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Amy Francetic: Networking Must-Do’s: Before, During and After the Meeting

Networking is probably the single best way to push your career forward, but a lot of young people seem to stumble in this process. It's a skill rarely taught in school and there aren't many ways to figure it out except by jumping in, making a few mistakes, and then learning from them. [Read more...]

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Mary Anne Hitt: Five Things I’m Thankful for This Season

This year, when I sit down with my family here in West Virginia at our Thanksgiving table, I'll have a lot to be thankful for. I'm more hopeful than ever for my daughter's future, because this has been a landmark year in our efforts to shift the U.S. from coal to clean energy. [Read more...]

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FOMIN: Emerging Markets Attract Record $126 billion in Clean Energy Investment

By Michael Hofmann and David Bloomgarden

Michael Hofmann is a green growth expert at the Multilateral Investment Fund who works at the intersection ...

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