Leveraging Finance and Charity To Make Affordable Housing Greener

by Tom Konrad CFA

Many people still think of green technologies as costly. But cost is never the main barrier to efficiency measures, which often can boast internal financial returns far higher than even risky junk bonds.  The barriers against energy efficiency and legion, but cheif among them are the small size of the investments and split incentives, where the person making the investment is not the same person who reaps the rewards.
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The Sunshine State Discovers Sunshine.

Leading utility Florida Power and Light (FPL) to add 225 MW of new solar power to the 110 MW it already operates.

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Duke University Research: Climate Models Disagree On Why Temperature “Wiggles” Occur.

“This doesn’t mean greenhouse gases aren’t causing Earth’s atmosphere to warm up in the long run,” lead author Patrick T. Brown emphasized. “It just means the road to a warmer world may be bumpier and less predictable, with more decade-to-decade temperature wiggles than expected. If you’re worried about climate change in 2100, don’t over-interpret short-term trends. Don’t assume that the reduced rate of global warming over the last 10 years foreshadows what the climate will be like in 50 or 100 years.”

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Climate Change: The Need for a More Consistent Baseline and Immediate Action

The UN climate conference in Lima set the stage for Paris in 2015. Next year’s accord is to provide a working, albeit not a final, answer to the question: Is it possible to keep global warming at or below the 2 degree Celsius limit? This limit is considered the boundary beyond which the negative climatic, economic and social consequences of climate change are thought to become intolerably severe and potentially irreversible.

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Five Million Each and Counting

Picture this: five million printer cartridges could fill approximately ten Olympic Pools or cover Bondi Beach two and a half times! Making this achievement of two of 'Cartridges 4 Planet Ark's' long-term collection partners so impressive.

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Leave Nothing But Footprints

It's a great time of year for getting outdoors, but when you've got bags of rubbish and nowhere to put them - how do you manage to recycle? Here are some tips from the campsite to help you recycle with limited options.

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Keeping Cool

Aussies are no strangers to scorching hot summers, but with 2014 named as the hottest year on record, we need to find ways to keep cool that don't depend upon expensive and environmentally damaging air conditioners.

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Bob Keefe: A Tale of Two Washingtons

While Washington state lawmakers' bold pragmatism promises to help their environment and their economy, the new Congress in Washington, D.C., seems hell-bent on pushing legislation that will strip away our environmental protections, continue to ignore the threats of climate change and keep us addicted to dirty fossil fuels. [Read more...]

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Dave Pruett: Global Divestment Comes of Age

Because of the likelihood that a large fraction of today's known fossil-fuel reserves will become "stranded," fossil fuels no longer represent safe investments. Thus, continued reliance on fossil fuels is neither safe environmentally nor safe economically. [Read more...]

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Mary Ellen Harte: Climate Change This Week: State of the Climate, Solar Rise, and More!

Today, the Earth got a little hotter, and a little more crowded.

OO A "Cheesy Love Story" : The Fun Ad Doritos Doesn't Want You to See - palm oil...

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