Samarth Pathak: Indian PM’s Nepal Visit to Boost Energy, Infrastructure Cooperation

The upcoming visit of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to Nepal is set to deepen relations between the two nations. India's role is crucial for Nepal as it enters a new era of democracy, change and development, while harnessing Nepal's resources can help solve India's pressing energy needs. [Read more...]

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Jorge Madrid: How Big Data Can Fight Climate Change in Los Angeles

This set of visual tools can help overcome language, technical, and literacy barriers and bring all affected parties to the table to tackle difficult policy challenges.

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New Tariffs Likely To Raise US Solar Prices

Jennifer Runyon

The US Department of Commerce announced preliminary findings in the new trade case against Chinese and Taiwanese PV products. [Read more...]

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France Spurs Efficiency, Renewables with $13.4 Billion Energy Plan

France’s planned energy law will mobilize about €10 billion (US $13.4 billion) in investment through tax credits and low-interest loans to spur efficiency and renewable power, Environment Minister Segolene Royal said.

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A Grand Vision of a Potential U.S. Energy System

If all energy production channels were employed, the United States has sufficient resources to eliminate all coal, gasoline and diesel combustion in all demand sectors and replace them with natural gas, wind and solar electricity firmed and shaped with both grid-scale and distributed energy storage. I believe that we can reach a zero-air-pollution, coal-free, crude-import free, all-electric low-cost energy future. We have energy rhetoric and technology to get there; do we have leadership and will?

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Rep. Chris Van Hollen: Protecting Our Climate and the Middle Class

By capping carbon emissions, selling permits, and returning the resulting revenue to everyone equally, this "Cap and Dividend" approach achieves the greenhouse gas reductions climate scientists tell us we need to prevent the dangerous consequences of climate change while boosting the purchasing power of American consumers. [Read more...]

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Brad Friedman and Desi Doyen: ‘Green News Report’ – July 29, 2014

The Green News Report is also available via...

IN TODAY'S RADIO REPORT: Obama Administration approves sonic cannons for offshore oil exploratio... [Read more...]

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Trevor Neilson: How Renewable Energy Will Completely Power California — Get On Board or Get Left Behind

For the public, the benefit is obvious: electricity will be cheaper, the air will be cleaner, and fewer people will die as a result.

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Nick Desai: Climate Change and the American Way

Other than drilling deep into the ground and burning fossilized hydrocarbons, we've invented better ways to do everything. At time when America's economic superiority is facing unprecedented challenges, are we really willing to believe that the 100-year-old way we get our energy is the best we can do? [Read more...]

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Velocys Thinking Big with Microreactors

by Debra Fiakas CFA

Keep the applause down!  Contain your enthusiasm for yet another biomass- or gas-to-liquids company.  Over the past several weeks I have written about a number of privately-held developers of one technology or another intended to produce a drop-in renewable fuel from biomass or natural gas.  There are more,  In this post we check in on Velocys (VCL:  London), which stands out from the rest as a public company.  No matter that it's technology looks like that of the very next renewable fuel company, it is accessible to minority investors. [Read more...]

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