Environmental Groups Ask U.S. Trade Rep To Drop Complaint Over India’s Solar Policy

WASHINGTON -- A group of environmental organizations is calling on the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative to drop a complaint over India's solar ...

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Brad Friedman and Desi Doyen: ‘Green News Report’ – April 22, 2014

The Green News Report is also available via...

IN TODAY'S RADIO REPORT: It's our 500th episode of the Green News Report ...coincidentally on Ea... [Read more...]

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Global Geothermal Market Saw Huge 2013 Growth, Says GEA

The global geothermal industry had a boom year in 2013, bringing the most capacity online since 1997. The market saw 530 megawatts (MW) commissioned, which brought total global capacity to just over 12,000 MW, holding a steady 4 to 5 percent growth rate, according to the Geothermal Energy Association’s (GEA) 2014 Annual U.S. & Global Geothermal Power Production Report. These projects are located in the U.S., Philippines, Mexico, New Zealand, Germany Kenya, Australia and Turkey.

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SunEdison Closes on 20 MW Adobe Solar Plant.

SunEdison was responsible for building the Adobe facility, and will provide asset management and 24/7 monitoring and maintenance services through its Renewable Operations Center. This project marks the fourth time that Southern Power and Turner Renewable Energy have partnered with SunEdison since June 2012.

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Kyocera Invests in Solar Projects Valued at $38M with U.S. Light Energy.

As part of the investment, Kyocera has also entered into an agreement with U.S. Light Energy (USLE) to utilize high-quality, dependable Kyocera solar modules on all installations. USLE (formerly New York Light Energy) is in the final stages of installing 9.4 megawatts (MWDC) of PV systems, with the expectation that the installations will be completed by June 2014.

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Erik Rancatore: How Can Nuclear Science Promote Sustainable Development?

Earth Day 2014 provides an opportunity to look at what nuclear science and technology has done to establish sustainable development by improving health and the quality of life. [Read more...]

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Mary Anne Hitt: Students Sit-In, Rally to Get Washington University to Cut Ties With Peabody Coal

If you're looking for clean energy inspiration, we've had lots of it this past week, courtesy of a phenomenal group of Washington University (St. Loui...

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The Opportunity to Overturn Three Costly Values in Our Energy System

Earlier this year I worked as an election judge for the city of Minneapolis.  It was the city’s second experience with ranked choice voting, a system where instead of voting for a single candidate, you get to pick your top three choices.  If your first choice candidate is mathematically eliminated from winning, your vote is reallocated to your seco

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German Utilities Fight Renewable Energy Shift

Germany’s biggest utilities face dwindling market shares as the shift torenewable energy spurs regional power generation and storage technology, a senior member of Chancellor Angela Merkel’s party said.

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Amanda Hanley: 6 Ways Chicagoland is Greener and Cleaner Than You Think (Part I)

In 2010, Chicago was ranked the third-largest center for clean economy jobs in the nation.

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