Germany Gives Dirtiest Coal Plants Six Years for Phase Out

German Economy Minister Sigmar Gabriel said 13 percent of power stations burning lignite, a cheap form of coal, would be phased out by 2021 under a program to cut power industry pollution. The government abandoned talks on proposals to impose a climate-change fee that the industry said would have forced mines and plants to close, threatening jobs.

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XPRIZE: From Sea to Shining Sea, Sustainably

A new study by Mark Z. Jacobson, a professor of civil and environmental engineering at Stanford, and colleagues including U.C. Berkeley researcher Mark Delucchi, is the first to outline precisely how each of the 50 states can replace fossil fuel energy with clean and renewable energy within 35 years [Read more...]

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Ten Clean Energy Stocks For 2015: Riding The Storm

Tom Konrad CFA

The first half of 2015 saw a mild advance in the broad market, but concerns about rising interest rates and the ongoing Greek debt drama sent income stocks, clean energy, and most non-US currencies down decisively.  My Ten Clean Energy Stocks for 2015 model portfolio has heavy exposure to not only clean energy, but income stocks (6 out of 10) and foreign stocks (4 out of 10.)  Despite this the stormy market for all three, the portfolio delivered admirably. [Read more...]

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Barbara A. Finamore: How does China’s climate pledge stack up?

As mentioned in a post on Carbon Pulse, China's climate pledge will require the country to make very significant changes to its emissions trajectory -...

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Grow Happy

In the lead up to the 20th National Tree Day we've launched a new report that examines the link between nature and happiness.

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Global Geothermal Alliance Concept One Step Further

The International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) convened roughly 60 stakeholders in June in Nairobi to finalize the concept of the Global Geothermal Alliance (GGA) and exchange views on the best way forward. GEA's Executive Director Karl Gawell participated as a U.S. NGO representative with support from Power Africa and the U.S. – East Africa Geothermal Partnership. "The high-level policy involvement by the leadership and participants was impressive and a measure of success for IRENA's efforts," noted Gawell. [Read more...]

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Clean Energy Companies Beat the Stock Market

Stocks of clean-energy companies are proving to be better investments than those of companies that produce most of the Western Hemisphere's power, and are outperforming the rest of the stock market as well. [Read more...]

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Tim Lussier: EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Henk Rogers on Space Exploration, Elon Musk, and Saving the Human Race

Thank you Henk for tackling some major issues and helping our planet to be forever better. Let's work together.

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Chinese Solar Turmoil Brings Crowdfunding and Internet Interlopers

Doug Young 

Bottom line: Yingli’s use of crowd-funding to finance a small project and the bargain sale price of a small polysilicon maker reflect continuing struggles at second-tier solar companies and the need for more consolidation.Yingli logo [Read more...]

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Tom Weis: America’s Zero Emissions Imperative

To be clear, we are not suggesting ending the use of fossil fuels tomorrow. Decarbonizing our industries, homes, transportation, power generation and food production will take time. But we must make this transition as quickly as humanly possible. [Read more...]

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